About Us

The Point of Travel was was started on the premise that nothing is more valueable than personalized service, experience, and attention to detail.  While many internet websites and travel agencies promise special deals, travelers are often unaware of restrictions, exceptions, and the fine print.  Making the right choices based on price alone is not always the best option for travelers. 

While many agents succumb to the pressure of bargain Internet sites,  The Point of Travel recognizes the niche for knowledgeable experienced travel professionals.  An avid traveler herself,  Laura Bender, the founder of The Point of Travel, knew that clients would appreciate the value of a full-service travel agency as well as award travel management.  Many travelers learned that they actually saved money by seeking the help of an experienced travel professional, like The Point of Travel. 

The Point of Travel is not only here to help you with your travel arrangements but to help you get the most out of your airline, credit card, hotel and even timeshare travel opportunities.  So many people have asked "how do you travel so much,  getting such great deals and redeeming award travel?"  We are here to take the guess work and the stress out of using and/or combining award travel in your itinerary.  Let our experience work for you.